Saturday, 2 October 2010

The promised land….well not quite.

I started looking for a block to build on and somehow came across The New Rouse Hill. I didn't even know this development existed even though we lived just down the road and I shopped at Rouse Hill on an almost daily basis.

We originally put a holding deposit on a block down by Caddies Creek but then had second thoughts thinking about possible mozzies, and the fact that we couldn't even tell which way the creek flowed because it was so stagnant.
The only other block was a large odd shaped one opposite the tennis courts. It had been for sale for a while and the price had been dropped by close to 100k (it was way overpriced originally). It was large (over 600m2)  and flat, and after chatting to the architect from Right Build we were convinced we could build a great home with beautiful north facing living areas, so we snapped it up.

  aerial shot

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